Thursday, April 19, 2012

Potential Images in Richmond,VA

Opening April 20 - June 2, 2012

Potential Images surveys current practices in contemporary painting, from the representational to abstract, narrative to conceptual. Curated by Emily Smith, Executive Director of 1708, Potential Images will examine how painting relates to larger trends in contemporary art—for example a pervasive DIY aesthetic, an interest in new media, a reuse of surrealism, an awareness of the neo-baroque and the sublime, and a prevalence of personal narrative.
In addition to surveying different modes of painting, Potential Images will introduce Richmond to a group of mostly up and coming (though some are fairly established) artists. The exhibition will include works by Ivin Ballen, Guy Ben-Ari, Michael DeLucia, Michael Dotson, Brendan Smith and Maria Walker.

Ivin Ballen, Pavers
Guy Ben-Ari, Shadow Casting
Michael Delucia, Tuning

Michael Dotson, Inventory

Brenda Smith, The Hammock 2

Maria Walker, Know You Hello Youat 1708 Gallery

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