Tuesday, May 31, 2011


One of two shows I will be in opening this Friday:

June 3-5, 2011

ARCH Production & Design NYC studio

63 Woodward Avenue, Suite 2410
Brooklyn, NY

Opening reception: Friday, June 3rd, 6-10 pm

Closing party (featuring performance by Happy Lives with guests Andriana Santiago and Paulie Connor):Sunday, June 5th, 7-10 pm

On the occasion of Bushwick Open StudiosARCH Production & Design NYC teams up with curator Claudia Eve Beauchesne to present A+, a multi-disciplinary exhibition of works by ARCH members and other Brooklyn-based artists.

Bushwick’s large studio spaces and diverse creative community inspire an expansive conception of art. Media mix freely and eclectic influences fuse into new forms. Art, design and architecture bleed into one another. A+ is a celebration of the formal experiments emerging from that milieu.

The selected artists revisit ideas that originated in the mid-twentieth century, using them as springboards for investigations into the untapped potential of familiar concepts and materials. Allusions to dome culture, inflatable architecture, minimalism, kitsch, the surf and skate subcultures, abstract expressionism, mid-century modern design and obsolete technology are infused with a contemporary sensibility. A+ draws from the recent past to reflect the preoccupations of artists working in and around Bushwick today.

Participating Artists:

Dan Baker

Ivin Ballen
Evan Collier
Zak Goodman
Jack Henry
Ian Horn
Pierre Le Hors
Julian Lorber
Meghan Petras
Thomas Robinson
Andriana Santiago
Brian Keith Sharrock
Brooke Taylor


June 3 - 6 to 10 pm
June 4 - 12 to 7 pm
June 5 - 12 to 10 pm (performances start at 8 pm)

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